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A little bit about me...

Some of my work

Growing up in a family of photographers, I never wanted to be a photographer.  Fast-forward many years later, something clicked with me (no pun intended).  It was then I started seeing things differently and began my photographic journey doing fashion and beauty.


Being a fashion photographer is great, as I get to tap into my creative side, but I also craved something more.  Which is when I started to focus in on headshots.


As a member of the international group called the Headshot Crew, founded by world renowned headshot photographer Peter Hurley.  I find the challenge of photographing regular everyday people really rewarding.  Seeing someone react to an image of themselves, saying things like, didn’t know I could look so good, or wow, how did you manage to get that.  It’s what makes what I do as a headshot specialist, so meaningful.  It’s why I do what I do.

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